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People Who Hide Behind A Big Ego

egotistic person


Being egotistical should not be confused with having a high self esteem. They are worlds apart. An egotistical person’s self-worth is inspired from outside factors while a person with high self-esteem’s worth is defined by internal factors such as a belief, a personal vision, passion and etc.

Thus people with huge egos are usually insecure and, by design or inadvertently, they try to cover their own insecurities by pretending or deluding themselves to be better than everybody else.

They also get a thrill when they watch others squirm after their ridicule, insult or criticism. They are aggressive, quick to anger, jealous and vindictive. In the worst cases they are sociopaths.

There are many ways egotists are made or self-made, but here are two fundamental ways they are made from the early steps in life:

Two ways egotists are made

One is following unnecessary pampering on the part of parents creating in the child the attitude that he is better than everybody else and entitled to all special privileges. This creates an arrogant child who has no iota of humility or gratitude.


The other way an egotist is created is when a child receives a significant emotional wound culminating in a major trauma of separation. This happens when parents are emotionally disconnected from the child.

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