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Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts And Depression


3. Differentiating between our ego and our true Self.

The negative voice, – which in many of us is so much stronger than the positive one – always gives the type of advice that keeps us in our comfort zone, procrastinating, stagnant, not achieving any type of improvement, and reproducing more of the old habits and addictions that make us feel so unhappy and hopeless. The positive voice however, is the one that sporadically finds a way to get to us amidst all the negativity that easily flows through our collective unconscious. With one whisper, that voice can make us feel so loved and at peace; listening to it simply feels so RIGHT. The negative voice always comes from what I call our ego (devil, demon, darkness, evil, etc.) And the positive voice always comes from our true Self (God, Spirit, Divine Self, Higher Self etc.) The way we learn to see the difference between both is through discernment.

4. Acknowledging the work is done individually, and feeling ready for it.

There are many wonderful treatments, therapies, techniques, and so many qualified people that can help us while we’re in the process of healing and improving our lives. But the how and who is not what matters the most when it comes to wanting to conquer depression and suicidal thoughts as we are the ones who must be ready to saying YES to the life that has been offered to us as a GIFT, and NO to anything or anyone wanting to stand in the way of our precious gift.

My suicidal attempt made me realize I had hit rock bottom. The following morning, I heard my true Self whispering to me in a loving way: “you won’t have another chance, but I AM here to help, just ask.”

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