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Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts And Depression

Being on a downward spiral toward depression can be such a difficult situation that everyone may be facing at some point. Depression never takes a vacation and it takes place for no reason. Some can toy with the idea of contemplating suicide, but there are still ways to conquer depression and suicidal thoughts.

If you are living your life without knowing your purpose, you seem to be wasting your life away. You feel useless and unable to decide which role you should play. However, once you know your purpose, your life becomes meaningful.

You should also differentiate habit from choice. There are times when we are unknowingly doing things repeatedly. Once you have clearly identified the things you are addicted to, you become more aware of the things you should do to make a better choice and conquer depression once and for all. Yes, it is going to be a long process, but change will not take place without helping yourself.

Here are some things that will help you:

1. Discovering our true life purpose.

We tend to identify with the roles we play in our lives. The majority of us are moms, dads, employees, business owners, professionals, friends, lovers, etc. That’s all good, but none of those roles are the true reason why we’re here on Earth, they’re only a small part. We must go beyond all the roles we have – being more specific, we must go deep inside – to discover our true life purpose. Why? Because we’ll always feel as if something is missing if we don’t; and also because once we find it, we won’t depend on any “role” to be happy and fulfilled. In other words, if tomorrow we lose the love of our lives, or our dream job, or anything that means the world to us, we’ll still be content and imperturbable as long as we know and understand our true life purpose.

2. Understanding the difference between a habit/addiction and a choice.

A habit or an addiction, are those behaviors that we’re constantly repeating, without even knowing we’re doing them. One of the tools that helped me to understand my addictions was to see that in my life I was addicted to so many things, some harmful and other harmless, but all habits and addictions nonetheless. Now here’s the stepping stone: once we identify or become conscious of a habit or addiction; in other words, once we KNOW of our habit or addiction, it becomes our CHOICE to continue repeating it as part of our daily lives. This is pivotal, because once we understand our habit or addiction as a choice we’re making, we immediately have to accept that we’re the only ones in control, and that we CAN change our choice.

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