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Life-Changing Facebook Can be if You Use it the Right Way


I love seeing the world change so fast. I loving seeing how people are getting what they ask for on Facebook without even knowing it.

But it truly made me think about what has happened to me…I found myself looking at Facebook 100 lbs overweight and wanting more out of life. I wanted to be in shape and healthy not only for myself but for my kids.

I didn’t know how I was going to do it. But in the depth of my soul it’s what I wanted, and the more people I saw on Facebook that had what I wanted the more I desired it. I started seeing more and more images of people’s lives that appealed to me and what I wanted for myself.

WesleyAs time went on I found the solution to me weight problem. But that was just the beginning. One of my old and dear friends had decided he wanted to lose weight also and found a local fitness program that would push me to the next level. before long I was not only 100 lbs lighter, I was about to run a 5k in my first ever race. Wow… Had life changed fast for me! Just 1 year ago I was siting on the couch watching TV after a long day at work escaping my existence into an unreal reality of scripted fantasy.

And now not only had my life changed but so had my “FACEBOOK” because now my news feed was full of race events and people that were on the same journey as me. Before long I found more and more events and even more challenges that would push me to the next level of my desires.

It’s time…

Change everything on your Facebook NOW to your desires! EVERYTHING. Make your what you see on your News Feed be consistent with the new life that you will have.

Desires are changing faster and faster because of how fast we get information. You can’t desire something before you know it can exist in your reality. Let me explain a little more. My next event is the Spartan race in Chicago. 2 years ago I could no desire to do it because I didn’t know it existed and with out the speed of information like Facebook I might have not found out about it. You CAN’T DESIRE SOMETHING YOU DON’T KNOW EXISTS OR IS NOT EVEN A THOUGHT.

Delete all things that have a negative impact on you. Media feeds provide a lot of negative impact. Just like some friends and family. Hide anything that will pull you out of a positive state of mind. Think of it like this…Put your headphones on and listen to a sad song that makes you sad all day long. Or do you think a upbeat song would be a better way to spend the day? Think of your News Feed on your Facebook as the music you see. Listen with your eyes only the songs that make you feel good!

If your Facebook is full of pictures of cake and foods I am sure that’s all you would think about. If your Facebook is full of happy stories, motivational material and things that make you smile I am sure that you will smile a lot more.

-By Wesley Griffith, who has made a 180° turn in his life by maintaining a positive attitude, and now strives to be the best he can be. Visit his blog at

Live a more Healthy and Natural Life