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Cheerful Once, Now Jobless-The Future Looks Uncertain

Q&A About Challenges in Life

Q&A About Life Challenges


Just started reading your document titled “As You Think you Become”. Haven’t gone far though but am enjoying it already.
I wish to share with you my problem; the reason am interested in your documents.

I was growing up as a cheerful young man, full of dreams. Always helping others when I can and others. I also did well in school but despite all the academic laurels I see my colleagues getting ahead of me. Even my juniors doing well in life than me.

All I see around me is one misery or the other. Yes, this was how my negative thoughts syndrome started so to speak. Some times I don’t like it myself having such thoughts. Am getting out of it now but one problem that keeps bringing such feelings is my joblessness.

As a result the future for me usually doesn’t look good. Please help!

My response:

I’m going to share something very simple with you, yet very powerful if you have the eyes to see it.

“As you speak about yourself with passion, and as you see yourself, YOU ARE, and if you are not, you are CREATING it.”

It doesn’t matter so much what goes around you, what matters most is what goes inside in your mind and in your heart. Don’t rely on and pay too much attention to external circumstances, for things to change you have to change your perception. Energy goes where you place your focus, attention, and intention.

As for a job….A job can only do so much. It is limited.

But YOU can do an unlimited amount of things.

Change happens inside out, not outside in. Passion can be the negative or positive kind, it is always your best guide simply choose the right kind.

You can learn more and gain knowledge and wisdom to overcome every day challenges in your life. I put together Self-Empowerment Awakening to help you get started on a better path.