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Just Because You Are Alone Doesn’t Mean You’re Lonely


When we strive for popularity over authenticity, we manufacture ourselves into something we are not. And when we don’t show the world the person we really are, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to feel closeness. We set ourselves up for loneliness. Even if we manage to find people that love us, we will not feel any less alone, for they will love a person that we know we are not.

When we let go of the façade and let people in, when we show the world who we really are, we become vulnerable, but we also permit ourselves the chance to love and be loved. We permit ourselves the opportunity for closeness.

The people that do not love you for who you are have no capacity to add value to your life. Stop trying to get them to love you for who you are not. It satisfies only them, not you. Let them go, and if they run, do not chase them.

The people that discover the real you and decide to stay; the people that want to love you, and accept you, and bet here for you, the real you, they are the people that will ensure that you never feel lonely. Even when you are all alone.

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