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Just Because You Are Alone Doesn’t Mean You’re Lonely

feeling lonely and depressed

There is a difference between being alone and choosing to be alone. There is a saying “better alone than in bad company,” and sometimes this is the case especially when we feel ourselves in a transition of beliefs, way of thinking or values.

Friendship nowadays can be found in the digital realms of something we now call Social Media, and even though this has created many opportunities to meet and reconnect with new and old pals, real life connections still hold true for a true and quality relationship.

With social media getting more and more popular, it seems that acceptance is measured by the number of friends you have in your social media account.

Genuine friendships are not really established except when you access your social media account. We value quantity over quality in this case, failing to realize that quality matters.

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I like this article because it shows that true friends are hard to find and they cannot be found in any social media account you have. If you want to establish real friendship, you have to turn off your computer and start making real friends.

When there’s real-life social interaction, you become more open to many possibilities. You explore relationships until you find someone who will accept you for who and what you are.

But in general, when it comes to the people we let in our lives, there are some very important things to consider.

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