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It’s Time To Let Go Even When You Don’t Want To

learning to let go

The things, people, places and events that have significance to us are often the hardest to let go. We try to hold on to them even when some of them only brought painful memories. Little do we know that we are already hurting ourselves. Although they used to make us feel alive, letting go of them may be the best option if nothing seems to work.

Sure they  brought the fondest memories, but if holding on to them is already becoming unhealthy and destructive, it is time to let go.

Deep in our hearts, we know we are not yet ready to let go, but if it is over, if there is no reason for you to hold on to these memories, never be afraid to let go, especially, if it is the only option left. Instead of holding to that tiny piece of memory, think of the reasons you need to finally let go.

If the pros of letting go outweigh the cons, why would you continue to prolong the agony when you still have a choice? These choices may not be as easy as it may seem, but they do have significance.

They can still create a huge impact in our lives. If you have decided to let go sooner, you wouldn’t have been this hurt. If you have accepted the fact that things and people come and go, it wouldn’t have been difficult for you to make a choice.

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It is not easy, but the price you have to pay for holding on to something or someone you could have  forgotten will only make the situation worse.

Soon, you will realize that you could have seized the opportunity to consider other options if you have just decided to let go once and for all.

The experience of letting go may be difficult at first, but as you continue your journey, it will just be a beautiful lesson you can look back from.

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