Is Mental Clutter Increasing Your Anxiety?

Let’s talk about mental clutter today and how it can affect how anxious you feel.

We can reduce anxiety in yet another way by becoming aware of what it is and employing a simple but effective strategy to “de-clutter” our minds. In other words, I’d like to share with you today another tool for dealing with anxiety that you can add to your toolbox.

What Exactly Is Mental Clutter?

Let’s define mental clutter so we’re all on the same page.

You’re keeping track of all the random thoughts in your head. It could be appointments, chores, or that never-ending list of projects you want to get to eventually. We all have mental clutter, and when it becomes excessive, it can exacerbate our anxiety.

Begin by becoming aware of the clutter of thoughts in your mind. Take note of when those random thoughts enter your mind.

Sometimes it happens in the middle of the day when you’re doing something completely unrelated. They frequently appear at night, when you are attempting to relax or sleep.

Make yourself aware of them so that you can move on to the next step, which is to deal with the mental clutter.

How to Get Rid of Mental Clutter

Now that you’re aware of your mental clutter, you can begin to reduce and eliminate it. The tools for doing so are simple

. You only need a pen and a notebook. You intend to perform a “brain dump.” This is the mental equivalent of dumping the contents of your closet on the floor to decide what to keep, donate, and toss.

This is how you do it. Begin by making a list of all the things you want or need to do. Make a list of everything you need to remember in order to make or keep appointments. Make a list of all the projects you want to work on and the goals you want to achieve.

Don’t edit or judge; just jot it all down. Don’t stop until you’ve run out of ideas.

I’ll give you a heads-up. It’s mentally taxing, but it’s also extremely liberating and one of the most effective ways to reduce anxiety and stress.

Simply writing it all down will help you clear your mind and feel less mentally cluttered. You can also begin going through your long list, crossing out items that aren’t really important, making appointments and noting them in your calendar, and making a list of projects you want to tackle first.

I guarantee you’ll feel better after you do this.

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