Stress Makes The Situation Worse

You have two options when it comes to anxiety and stress. You can let the two reinforce each other and spiral out of control, making things worse and worse. Alternatively, you can break the cycle by actively working on calming down and distressing. This, in turn, will begin to reduce both your stress and anxiety levels.

The good news is that whatever you do to reduce your stress will almost certainly start to reduce your anxiety as well. Much of what I’ve shared and will continue to share throughout the challenge to alleviate anxiety will also help you reduce your stress.

Begin with the easy breathing exercises I’ve provided. Walking on a daily basis can also help with stress.

Of course, addressing the source of your stress is a good strategy as well. When you notice yourself becoming more stressed than usual, take a moment to sit down and consider what is causing it. It’s not always easy to dig deep and figure out what’s causing us stress, but once we do, we can begin to take a proactive approach to change things.

If your bills are stressing you out, sit down and devise a plan to pay them off. Begin by reducing your expenses so that you have more money left over from your paycheck. You might even want to hire a professional to help you figure it all out and come up with a plan.

If something at work is causing you stress, talk to your boss, supervisor, or human resources to see what you can do to reduce or eliminate the stress. If all else fails, think about changing jobs.

Whatever is causing you stress, there is almost always a way to alleviate it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of facing your fears and figuring out what’s going on. Simply removing the element of the unknown will help you feel less stressed.

You can begin to break the vicious cycle of stress and anxiety by reducing your stress levels, using the coping techniques I’m sharing to de-stress, and making small changes like eating healthier and getting enough sleep. You’ll feel better and be more prepared to face life’s challenges.

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