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The Intuitive Eating Workbook: Beating Emotional Eating

If you’re an emotional eater, then your relationship with food is questionable at best. It helps you through hard times, but you rely on it like a crutch and indulge in it in some rather unhealthy ways.

This could lead to experiencing all kinds of problems, from weight gain to blood pressure issues. In order to foster a healthier relationship with food, you should use the Intuitive Eating Workbook.

This workbook was written by some of the best dietitians around, with the intention of helping people who are emotional eaters and those who have found their previous weight loss attempts unsuccessful.

It helps by showing you how to adjust your diet and mindset in order to eat mindfully, and only when you really need to, helping your existing emotional eating or overeating problems disappear.

What’s interesting about this book over others is that it tailors itself to the individual by being a workbook. You have to actually write things in it – giving it a more personal feel, whereas a typical book would be just someone telling you what to do, which doesn’t always work as well, and can’t be applied to everyone’s case equally.

By helping change your core mindset, this book prevents future emotional eating when times get rough. If you just quit eating emotionally altogether, that might work in the short term, but once things get rough, you’re going to have a hard time holding that up and might just relapse to where you used to be.

This book helps prepare you for those hard circumstances in such a way that you won’t be tempted to emotionally eat no matter how hard things get. When you start to recognize things like hunger cues and real cravings in your life, you’re going to be able to make wiser decisions about when what and how much you should eat.

By making more conscious decisions about your dietary habits, you will no longer fall into the trap of emotional eating. This book has been backed by multiple well-respected dietitians and other people who work in the field of weight loss and dieting.

These qualified individuals have found it to be a revolutionary take on the concept of mindful eating and dieting as a whole, and you may find it to be more useful than any random fad diet you might see online.

Using the workbook approach, you’ll be able to pinpoint issues that you are dealing with and sort them out in a way that frees your relationship with food from an unhealthy endeavor to something sound and nutritious.

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