Law of Attraction

If You Change The Way You Look At Things The Things You Look At Change

The way we look at things can change its meaning. This happens at many levels. It really comes down to our individual perception of how we see the world according to the program we have developed over our existence through our many different experiences.

When you think about what is missing in your life, then you’ll continue to attract more of what you are missing.
When you think about all the problems you have, then you’ll continue to attract more of those problems.

Whatever it is that you want to attract into your life, harmonize with that which you want to attract and create.

Focus on the change you want to create

Don’t focus on what you don’t want but more on what you want. Don’t focus so much on the problem, focus more on the solution.

“If you are what you think about, then you have to start getting real careful with what you think about.”

You can have many conversations with family, friends and coworkers, but you can choose whether to buy into their ideas, and their way of thinking or only take what better serves your thinking and not necessarily adopt what you get from others to a tee.

You can have a degree of control as to what you let into your consciousness and mind, you can control the inflow of information on a daily basis by the choices you make. Even by simply being selective of the music you listen to, the movies you watch, or the video games you allow in your home.

All this starts to have an effect in your thinking. Even the news you see on the newspaper, TV, or the internet. You can allow certain information enter your mind. Or you can choose to discard it and move on to allowing more positive things.

If the world as a collective took more personal responsibility of what they allow into their minds, the world would be a better place manifested by everyone for everyone.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ”
– Wayne Dyer

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