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Husband Is Rescued From Danger With Wife’s Intuition

Husband saved by wife's intuition

Most women often follow their intuition and when loved ones are in great danger, intuition finds a way of helping them. In the original article, the husband’s life was saved by his wife’s intuition. His wife, Nicole Mayhew was at work when she felt that something was not right.

The feeling was so strong and she felt like one of her family members was in danger.

She knew at that point in time that she really needed to go home. Her intuition did not fail her because when she went home, she found her husband Scott Mayhew in serious trouble.

Scott could have had more serious injuries if his wife did not come to the rescue, thanks to her intuition.  It was indeed a life-saver that kept her out of danger.

Nicole Mayhew was at work Monday morning when she says she had a strong feeling.

“I had this feeling come over me that I needed to go home and check on my husband,” Mayhew, of Saratoga Springs, Utah, told ABC News.

“There was a lot of pain. I felt the car crushing me,” he said. “I just knew if I hung on long enough, my prayers would be answered and she would know to come home.”

Nicole Mayhew, a mother of three, said she panicked when she saw her husband’s situation.


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