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This Is The Way Not To Solve A Problem. Let’s Change Our Approach.

problematic knot

You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.

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This is an important reminder on how to approach a problem we are trying to overcome.

Have you noticed how when you are going through some kind of difficulty or challenge and keep thinking about it or how bad it is, you only keep sinking and sinking into that negative state of thought?

The more you think about it this way, the less you see a light out of this dark hole.

You get so into it that you become convinced that there is simply no solution to the problem.

Let’s change the way we approach these challenging moments because it has the potential to change the outcome and direction of your life itself…

In part this has to do with what you have been led to believe by your external system, meaning the people around you, all the less productive beliefs and ideas you learn from others that only lock you into a state of hopelessness.

This is where you have to stand up to taking responsibility when trying to solve a problem.

Focusing on the problem is a complete waste of time and energy, you need to focus on solutions, be responsible for doing your own research, try to understand the problem and take it as an opportunity to learn in how you can overcome it. Look at it from another angle.

Because when you find yourself in the same reality, such as the combination of thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions, you will never find a solution because you are constricted by that reality.

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You have the power, you can choose where and how you direct your energy on any given situation.


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