How Good Are You At Reading People’s Emotions?


Some people are really good at predicting what other people will do or how they will act. You could say that this is often a product of intuition for many of those who have this ability.

But this is something that can be learned as well. Psychologists, for example, are professionally trained to do this in a way that will sharpen the skills that help read people better.

They are trained to use a more scientific method to make these predictions. They also do a lot of observation that gains them experience and insight into what other people are thinking.

But for the average person, the interest of having this ability is more on the practical side. For example, let’s say you meet a new person and are thinking about inviting them over to your house or to go get coffee.

But your spider senses pick up subtle things like the way they answer when you ask them about coming over or doing something. Are they enthusiastic, or do they sound like they’re forcing themselves to say yes?

Are you about to close a sale, get a new job, or want a day off? Something nice to know in advance if the client, the employer, or the boss are willing to accept your wishes. Even in less difficult situations, it would be good to predict the behavior of people who do not know very well or who you will never see again.

Will the woman in front of you waiting at the checkout let you go to the front when you are running late or call the store manager and complain about your rudeness and impatience?

These are just some of the many interactions we have in our daily lives, where we have to investigate the limits of someone’s mind and anticipate what they will do.

From high-risk situations to relatively trivial situations, having mental reading powers would certainly seem like a valuable possession.

Fortunately, the ability to understand what someone else is thinking at a more practical level does not require special magical abilities, nor do you need to be a super intuitive or posses reading powers that only a well-experienced detective may have.

You just have to be able to look in the eyes. You’ve probably heard that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well, they say that for a reason.

Most people can somewhat tell what a person’s emotions are like by observing the eyes; this is by nature. But the more observant you are, the more accurate you can be.

How good are you at reading people’s emotions? Take the quiz:

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