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How A Positive Attitude Can Create A Better Reality

Having a positive attitude helps us not to limit ourselves with problems and see things differently, which gives us the opportunity to continue growing, for this we must implant positive thoughts in the mind, this is not easy today with all the media loaded with news that does not invite us to develop a more positive mindset, but quite the opposite.

An optimistic attitude

Positive thoughts are loaded with beneficial outcomes, stimulate enthusiasm, help develop our creativity, and generate an attraction in the surrounding people while a negative attitude tends to drive people away.

To have a more positive attitude, believe in yourself because if you don’t do, who will? A person with a positive attitude will have a good assessment of themselves, and this positive image is the passport to meet your objectives.

Look for the best in others, by being in contact with other people we generate expectations about them, getting them to be positive depends only on us and if we generate positive thoughts about them, it is normal to be treated in the same way.

Focus on the solutions, we can all see the problems, but only people with positive attitudes have their mindset on the solutions and see real solutions to each problem.

Persist, when an attitude is positive, it is easier to be persistent and continue to strive to achieve the goal, dreams that have come true are the result of people who clung to their aspirations.

A simple anecdote

Today I was on my way to work and got really stuck on traffic, so I decided to try another route that had worked out quite well a few days before. As it turned out, the alternative route was even worse. So far, there were two ways to see what happened: negatively or positively.

In reality, I could have gotten mad and start screaming and honking. But then I thought, “how is that going to help anyways.” If anything, it would just add to the chaos.

So I decided to rethink the way it affected my mind. There really wasn’t much I could do about it at this point. So I put YouTube on my iPhone and started listening to self-improvement talks and stuff.

The positive way is what we must follow to take steps towards our personal growth. We can do it every day, every moment.

There are environments that test a positive attitude.

Returning to the experience of this morning, if I had put myself in a negative mode at first, I would have unleashed a series of curses, yelling and stuff.

Well, to begin with, none of those thoughts will solve anything and can only bring worse consequences. And not only do I speak of negative consequences that affect the moment but even my health in the long run.

Negative attitudes do not bring good results

But what is another way in which I can see this morning’s experience in a more positive way? Well, before this happened, a positive thought would say, for example, that the time in which I got here definitely makes the alternative route way more crowded. Something that I would not have known until I experienced it for myself unless I asked another person who had gone through that experience. In either case, I learned something that I can use in the future, either through our little adventure or interacting socially with someone else. In both cases, we are taking good steps.

Well, this is the first lesson learned, but like every little adventure, every corner of the road can be a surprise.

Next, to me, I saw a road without any traffic jam, but from an earlier exit that I could no longer take. Faced with this new discovery, I thought of two ways of dealing with it:

Negative mode: I would feed my victim mentality, even more, I would blame myself for not having taken that exit, I would sink myself in frustration as the drivers on that road move on while I am still stuck here.

Positive mode: another lesson learned, if you take this route, take the previous exit. Then, of course, I would need to confirm that this other route leads to my destination. If so, it would have two additional alternative paths!

Positive mode activated

Well, the adventure continues, desperate people just magically “create” their new lane and start moving forward, they are passing by, and the rest of us look at each other like we are complete idiots. Well, I decided to try the new way, big mistake! At the end of the “new alternative lane” is a police officer indicating that we stop. Indeed, after collecting our information, we are notified that we will receive a fat ticket by mail at home due to non-compliance with current regulations, but what is it about creating “new alternative lanes”? Well, let’s continue with two different ways of seeing this.

Learn More About As You Think You Become

Negative mode: what was missing to finish off the victim mentality and negativity are phrases like: “it has only happened to me, what about the others? No one has told them anything, why did I get a ticket? I normally wouldn’t do this. It was the first day I do this, and just happened to be the day that I have been stuck longer and blah blah blah.”

Positive mode: Well, look at how well this mistake and lesson came to me. Maybe if they didn’t stop me, I wouldn’t have realized my mistake, and on another occasion, I would have done just as bad or worse. So now I am very clear about this little error of mine, and I have learned something that I will likely not repeat — a nice learning experience for the day.

In both cases, the facts are the same, but the attitude is different. This example is nothing but a simple anecdote without major importance, but it says a lot about the way we face life, because we have these types of experiences all the time, sometimes we have many every day. The positive attitude must be present all day, every minute, until it is part of our way of being. At one point, it becomes as natural as anything else we do without thinking much about it.

Don’t confuse having a positive attitude as something unrealistic. The reality is this: Whether you move forward with a negative or positive attitude at any given moment, you are essentially creating a form of reality from that point forward, this is not instant necessarily. But it is created gradually.

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Light and darkness

A negative attitude functions as a whirlpool that attracts more negativity towards itself. It can be very easy to get dragged into a dangerous well that we generated ourselves. In addition, negative attitudes tend to attract others in our environment, growing the whirlpool. At one point, it can cost us dearly trying to get out of this situation and contrary to what is desired, make that attitude begin to be part of our way of being. You best run away from these kinds of “negativity and energy-sucking attitudes,” you can try to help those who are stuck with it as much as possible, but always hold on to a source emanating of positive energy or you may quickly get pulled into their lower state of being.

Do not let yourself be dragged by the negative energy. It’s a dark hole in there!

Positive energy functions as a source that emanates light in all directions illuminate who is approaching and is equally contagious-in a good way.

I have heard this kind of “contagion” of attitudes in very different situations, it seems that our attitude attracts similar attitudes, so take care that yours is positive as much as possible.

How to act against negative attitudes

On this, there are entire books, but summarizing the concept: light versus darkness. Positive attitude versus negative. If you are in a negative environment or surrounded by someone with that kind of attitude, you have two options that can help you:

The first is to simply remove yourself away from their bubble of influence because the fact is that you have little to gain, and you can end up infecting yourself. It is the simplest option. Although it is not always possible. In this case, it’s best to stay grounded in your ability and the mental strength, knowing you will overcome this, and it’s only temporary.

The second is to face that attitude with the best antidote: a positive attitude. Maybe even in that battle, you can help some of those who were stuck in negativity.

Think about the best shield

The positive attitude acts as a shield and will prevent you from becoming affected, but it is still very difficult, worthy of a Hero’s mission. Like I said earlier about staying grounded. You must have this attitude deeply rooted in your way of being. Most likely, your attitude causes even more rejection as negative people want to continue to feed their “victimness” But you should never abandon your attitude.

You should also be very careful not to confuse a positive attitude with an excess of ego. We want to help others and share our attitude, to see its benefits but not to send the wrong message as if we want to be above everyone else.

In the example I have given earlier it is easy to see that in no case does the attitude modify reality, that is, the car jam kept going and I was still stuck. But the way of interpreting it, so its benefits are evident. But in other cases, it is much more difficult, and we will have to be more patient. In many other cases, we will not succeed, but we must also stand firm with our attitude. We must plant the seed to whoever is willing to receive it because other times, it will be us who need it.

Knowing how to listen and trying to provide a different vision is an art that requires continuous practice and goodwill. Do not be discouraged. It is your mission as a hero. And we all carry that hero.

In the end, the hero ends up finding the light. Don’t despair.

You are the hero of your adventure

You will have negative thoughts, but you will learn to recognize and catch them in the act. Sometimes you will fall, but you will learn to get up. You will focus on the present and stop living in fear of the future. You will help others because others will also help you. You will grow in the right direction, with your mistakes, and with your successes, with your bad and good moments, but always with the most positive, energetic vision, full of love, far from selfishness, envy, victimism. We all have that potential.

You can wake that person up. I’ve seen that person, I’ve experienced that type of person, this person is there waiting to be released. That attitude emanates towards the four pillars that make a good foundation and guides your steps. It is not the message of trickster or charlatan. It is a message that is naturally in you, if you stop and listen then you will know it is within you, it is a message from you to you.

Yesterday I was wrong too. I made a mistake of the many that I will make. It was only a moment of regret and disturbance. But I smiled, I admitted the mistake, asked for forgiveness, some kind words were spoken with sincerity, a more profound lesson. A willingness to recognize my errors and keep improving. Another test passed. Positive energy.

Turn good intentions into facts, for it fills every moment, every day, of a positive attitude.

Positive attitude quote for success

Whatever you believe, in terms of the attitude you carry with you on a daily basis, you begin to manifest. As you focus on where you put your energy, you begin to open yourself up to regaining your own power to change your life and create new experiences that you actually want to experience.

Here is a quick sample of the general attitude you can take:

I can’t = full stop blocking yourself

I try = spinning your wheels in the same spot

I can = growth, moving forward

These are the kinds of paths you can take.

The question is, which one is YOU?

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