Positive Quotes

All Truths Are True

If you think about it. There are people who do extraordinary things, those that do disastrous things, and  even those that do no-thing, or nothing.

Much of that comes down to what we believe. Sometimes however, our believes are not always the best.

In other words, sometimes they are so bad that we can basically shut ourselves down, and sometimes this means al whole slew of things.

Like what? You may ask.

Well it can mean we think too little of ourselves to the point of achieving nothing meaningful in our lives.

it can mean we raise our self-esteem and confidence in our own abilities to the point of making great things happen.

Much of our beliefs today come from others, they were just passed on to us.

Some common sense can help us make sense of what beliefs are right and not so right, right?

Well, sometimes even common sense is not enough. So what do we do then?

We can utilize our “inner mechanism,” you know that thing inside that makes us feel something that we cannot always explain but just triggers when something feels right or wrong.

We need to use more of that.

But i would say that for our beliefs to be the best they can be for our betterment, we need to balance both.

What is in your mind, and what is in your heart.

When someone is dead-set on a particular belief, you will have a hard time making them believe otherwise.

If we come to this realization, we can also realize that it is possible to make a choice on what we choose to believe, and we can change that. Nobody else but us.

Now, what do you chose to believe?

“All truths are true, the question is… What do you wish to believe?”