What Color Is Your Aura And What Does It Reveal About You?

the color of your aura

An aura is the colored band of light, sound and vibration, which surrounds every living being. It can be felt, sensed and even seen around our physical bodies, and can provides insight into our physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Your aura is a reflection of your true personality at any given time. What you’re going through in life, your mood and even what you’re doing at this moment influence the colors you’ll see in your aura.

The main colors associated with auras are red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, white and black. However, there are also multiple variations of these colors.

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Here’s more about the different aura colors and their meanings on the following page…

The Color Of Your Aura And Their Meanings


Red is a powerful aura color. It indicates passion, high energy, strength, willpower, competitiveness and attraction, success. In a negative light, red can also represent anger, aggression, rebellion, anxiety hate and un-forgiveness. People with lots of red in their auras are generally adventurers, achievers and highly sexual. Keep in mind that red may also mean heat, which indicate pain, injury or swelling in one’s physical body.


Orange is a warm, outgoing and spontaneous color. People with lots of orange in their aura are normally honest, kind, courageous, ambitious, social and outgoing souls. They’re also very thoughtful, generous, and sensitive to other people’s emotions. On the negative side, they tend to lose their tempers easily, however, when an honest apology is offered, they’re quick to forgive and forget.


Yellow is the color of optimism, inspiration, awakening, intelligence and easy-going nature. People with this color in their aura tend to be very intelligent, logical and analytical, with good communication and observation skills. They make excellent scientists, inventors and teachers. They’re mostly attracted to anything they consider intellectual or unusual. Their only shortcoming is that they tend to be excessively critical of others and themselves.


Green is the color of healing and renewal, health, comfort and the love of nature. In an aura, it symbolizes balance, growth and change. Green aura people are down to earth, very hardworking, determined creative and health-conscious. They also love nature and the great outdoors. Muddier shades of green in one’s aura can indicate untrustworthiness, possessiveness and jealousy.

Now let’s take a look at blue and 2 variations of purple, then black and white…


Blue is the color of calm and peace. Blue aura people are very intuitive, intelligent, generous, and love helping and inspiring others. They have the ability to communicate their views and ideas charismatically and eloquently, and as a result, they excel as politicians, teachers, writers and public speakers. However, these people tend to overwork themselves at the expense of their personal relationships.


Purple color is associated with the nervous system, the pineal gland, as well as the pituitary gland. There are two main hues of purple namely:


This color is normally found around the head. People with violet aura are highly psychic, visionary, intuitive, and are in deep connection with the spirit. Muddier shades of this color in your aura can reflect your need for sympathy or erotic imaginations.


Indigo is associated with the third eye, and usually indicates that a person is very sensitive, intuitive and is interested in the paranormal.


In most cases when black is seen in your aura, it’s a warning sign of something bad about to happen i.e. terminal illness, depression, death etc. However, it does not always signify bad things. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a cold, or a previous surgery. So, don’t be too quick to give a negative opinion regarding your friend or relative’s black aura; ask them to see a doctor instead.


White signifies truth, newness and purity of the spirit. White auras can be found in people who are highly spiritual i.e. those who have transcended their physical body and are preparing themselves to ascend.

Overall, learning about the different aura colors and their meanings can give you a deeper understanding about yourself. It enables you to discover and change the things you previously didn’t know were holding you back, and become a better person. It’s best to consult a professional to help you read your aura.

Source: What Colour Is Your Aura

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