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What Is Your Emotional IQ?

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When it comes to achieving success and happiness in life, emotional intelligence is important just as much as intellectual intelligence.

before we take the fun quiz, let’s learn more about your emotional iq so we can tie things better.

Your Emotional IQ

Emotional IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is defined as the ability to identify, understand and control your emotions and the emotions of others, and use that information to guide your thinking and actions.

It affects many different aspects of your daily life including how you relate with others, how you behave, your performance at work, and even your physical and mental health.

Having a high emotional intelligence enables you to recognize your emotional state and that of others, and relate with people in a way that draws them closer to you.

You can utilize that understanding of emotions to build and maintain stronger and healthier relationships, attain greater success at work, and lead a healthy, happy and more fulfilling life.

Interested in knowing your emotional IQ? Then, here’s a quick test to help you determine how emotionally intelligent you are.

Take The Quiz: How well do you understand others?

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What is this kind of intelligence really? it is the individual’s ability to identify their own emotional state and manage it in an appropriate way.

In the words of the experts, it is a way of interacting with the world that takes feelings into account and encompasses skills such as impulse control, self-awareness, motivation, enthusiasm, perseverance, empathy, and mental agility. They configure character traits such as self-discipline, compassion or altruism, which are indispensable for a good and creative social adaptation “.

There are people who seem to have a special gift even if they do not stand out for their academic intelligence. They know how to face the changes in their lives, overcome obstacles and see the difficulties of life as a challenge. These people live well with others and with themselves having well-developed skills related to emotional intelligence.

Traditionally the measurement of intelligence and the theoretical future success of people has been based on the so-called intellectual coefficient (IQ) that measures the logical reasoning, mathematical skills, special, analytical capacity, etc. But from the study of the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) success has been shown to also depend largely on the emotional.

The two types of intelligence are not opposites but they are complementary. A person with a high IQ is analytical and logical, is cold in decision-making and uses more of the left hemisphere.

On the other hand, a person with high emotional intelligence easily relates to people, likes new ideas, is quick, spontaneous, believes in their sensations, is warm and uses the right part of the brain more.

The ability of each person to identify and properly manage their own emotional state is the key to optimizing emotional intelligence. The development of this ability effects in a very positive way the people who own it, since they control and understand their impulses and facilitate the relationships with others.

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source  What is Your Emotional IQ