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Attachments Can Impede Your Progress And Success

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It is a common misconception that when you do not have any attachments, you become cold and uncaring. This is far from the truth of being unattached and still be able to stay connected with your emotions.

Non-attachments still allow you to feel a range of emotions. In fact, you become compassionate and positive as you do not allow your shortcomings to affect you.

In the original article, there are several attachments that can deter a person from fulfilling dreams and achieving goals.

For instance, choosing to stay within your comfort zone can have a negative effect because you hesitate to take a risk, which is important for every person to live life to the fullest.

Attachments can detach you from reality when you always feel the need to be right. When mistakes become unwelcoming and you let yourself become the slave of exaggerated perfectionism, you are also limiting your success.


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Several attachments that can impede progress and success

1. The need to be comfortable is the greatest obstacle to success.

It’s human nature to seek out comfort. There are few, if any, greater drives than the desire to be comfortable. But success lies on the other side of comfort. Comfort comes from the familiar, but the familiar doesn’t bring change.

Embrace discomfort. Understand that your uncomfortable feelings mean you’re doing something new. New actions bring new results. Those new results might be exactly what you’re looking for.

2. The need to be right is a close second.

You’re wrong about many things. However, if you feel the need to be correct, there’s no room for the truth. Instead of wanting to prove you’re right, seek the truth. Spend your time building a more accurate map of your world rather than trying to force your current map on reality.

3. Attachment to your identity is another obstacle.

Do you see yourself as an ineloquent person? If so, you’ll never become a great orator. Do you believe you’re naturally a heavy person? A lean, healthy body will always be out of reach.

It’s very challenging to create a reality that clashes with your identity. Why are you attached to your opinion of yourself? Let it go and see how great you can become. You have nothing to lose.

4. Are you attached to your habits?

Your life is the ultimate expression of your habits. Our lives get a little better or a little worse each day. Over several years, your habits dictate the quality of your life. If you can’t give up your current habits, you’re stuck.

Many success experts believe that the development of new, effective habits is the cornerstone of success. Let go of your old habits and make room for the new.

It might be necessary to develop habits like learning each day, networking, exercising, or reviewing your goals regularly to reach a new level of success.

Habits are another way we comfort ourselves. It’s uncomfortable to break old habits and to create new habits.

5. Attachment to places and people can also limit your success.

Many of the best opportunities can be in other locations. Are you attached to your hometown, state, or even country? The world is a big place. The best opportunity for you might not be within 25 miles of your front door.

Source: Are Attachments Limiting Your Success?