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Dad Experiences His Newborn’s First Bath!

dad experiences newborn first bath

Moments like these are to be cherished forever and ever.

Which is the case of this wonderful moment captured by a mom, so awesome that she grabbed the camera and captured this beautiful moment for all of us to enjoy!

It reminds us of the importance of enjoying these very special and unique moments.

When I became a dad at a very young age, I did not really understand what it really meant to be a father. I really thought it wasn’t a big deal.

I mention a few more details about this in my book “How To Think Positive: Get Out Of The Hole Of Negative Thinking” but long story short, I was naive and had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had the choice of leaving the situation or take responsibility.

I’m so glad I took the hard path. It was tough, and even painful at times, but it taught me so much at such an early age.

However, as I endured and pressed forward I was able to realize the value of a dad being close by to their children. My father was almost never there through most of my childhood so I can’t say I learned from him, well, come to think about it I did learn something big: Not to be like him and be there for my own children.

It has an enormous impact on their lives. Work takes a big toll and time and it’s easy for it to become an excuse to not spend time with the little ones, but time flies and one day you will look back.

Don’t regret having spent more time with the people who matter. It is not too late to start today.

So, to all dads out there: Our children will not be this little forever and we really need to enjoy them, they will grow so quick that you just can’t afford to miss out on these special moments.

In the end this is what stays in our minds and hearts, these are the things we will remember. Not the material things but the experiences we lived with those we love, cherish, and appreciate.