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Bride’s Mom Won’t Feel Invisible Anymore After Makeover

We all go through changes as we age, but this shouldn’t be a reason to feel any less beautiful on the outside. We all know that inner beauty is truly important but there’s nothing wrong with feeling better about ourselves on the outside. 

Did you know that looking good also helps to feel good about oneself?

The image we project results from the balance between what we are and what we feel we are. Hence the importance of looking good to feel good about ourselves.

When we talk about improving our image, it is often associated with vanity and something purely superficial. However, it has been proven through studies that feeling comfortable with our image generates a positive impact in the personal and social sphere.

Thus, being comfortable with ourselves, allows us to have a better relationship with others. All this can be achieved through good habits of life.

Our level of confidence goes up and we have a higher sense of invigorating self-esteem. People who are more self-conscious as they age may feel that their physical appearance has changed, although for the rest of the people this may go unnoticed.

Even so, it is necessary to look good in order to feel good about yourself.

After feeling invisible knowing that throughout the years, we all experience these changes as we age such as in our face, skin, and even weight…Bev decides to go through a transformation for her daughter’s wedding. 

Her daughter works in the fashion industry so I’m sure Bev wants her daughter to be proud of her mom “keeping up with the trends.”

Bev is a retiree who is turning 60 soon and she says that she feels a bit invisible. So now is the time to give herself a little makeover.

As you will see, she goes from transparent to va-va-voom when this hairstylist lays his hands of gold on her hair. This is living, breathing proof that some red in the hair makes all the difference, stripping years from a person’s face! A few inches less and a few layers more and Bev look like the mother-in-law that everyone would be honored to dance with!

Christopher, the hairstylist was so pleased she took a moment for her beauty revival and spiritual fulfillment with his makeover team.

This soon-to-be mother-in-law says that seeing the transformation made her think why didn’t she do it sooner and we couldn’t agree more! The change is phenomenal and we hope she will have a great time at the wedding!