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Can You Be Honest About Honesty?

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Do you still believe that honesty is still the best policy? Do you want to be as honest as possible but just cannot help making some little white lies? Almost everyone is guilty of creating white lies as being brutally honest can hurt one’s feelings, but do we really know our limitations?

Should we be honest all the time? If you are often caught justifying your lies and starting to get inclined into being slightly dishonest, there are ways you can gather up the courage to be more honest.

Although you may have your own reasons for avoiding being completely honest, these justifications may not only make us lie to ourselves even more. While being honest is easier said than done, just always think of the benefits that you obtain from choosing honesty over white lies. Courage is all it takes to be honest and tactful and if others can do it, so can you.

Honesty requires courage and tact

Being honest requires courage because it makes us vulnerable and accountable. To avoid stepping on the feelings of others with our honesty also requires tact. Clearly, being truly honest involves more than just telling the truth in every situation, but for people of integrity it is the only acceptable choice.

Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is
telling the truth to other people.
 ~Spencer Johnson

When it comes to being honest in all areas there is probably no one alive who doesn’t have some room for improvement. Here are a few practical strategies to help you fine tune your efforts to develop the courage to be both honest and tactful.