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Be Thankful Every Time You Start The Day

today I am thankful

Every single day is an opportunity to grow and set a positive intention that will bring you more positive results.

Start it by expressing gratitude just to be alive and you will obtain more reasons to be grateful for.

You have probably noticed those days when you wake up “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” so to speak, and something negatively or unpleasant happens shortly after.

We tend to set in motion events for the rest of the day depending on how we start our day. And often times, these are one of those days where things just go wrong all day. Sometimes it’s less significant things but other times it’s painful or really unpleasant stuff.

Maybe you stepped on the lego block in the floor that your little one left behind while playing toys the day before.

Or you just remembered you need to attend a meeting and are running late, and if you don’t hurry the heck up you will look real bad, heck maybe it’s important enough that you will get fired.

Every little thing just ripples on, and so many things just start happening. Things that are in sort of the same frequency of that early small, not so happy thing you experienced as you started the day.

You got up and steped on that darn lego block with your bare feet, which starts to make you angry and puts you on a real bad mood.

But then you start shaving and cut yourself as you are in a rush and are already running late for work and that darn meeting.

The day starts not too far off from being a miserable one already and just continues like so for the rest of the day.

Well, that’s what usually happens… if you let it.

You can start the day in a more positive way. Even when sh** happens. If you pay less attention to simpler negative things such as the lego block; quickly getting it out of your mind, you are taking control of how you react and set forth a better intention when you replace your focus for better things instead.

If you catch yourself experiencing a bad moment early in the day, it gives you the opportunity to change it so that it doesn’t turn into a bad day.

As you begin your day not by finding the first reason to complain about, but the first thing you are thankful and grateful for, you are setting in motion the energy you want to attract back throughout the day.

Remember to keep a positive attitude as much as possible. Things are not always easy, but you can either let things happen and dictate the rest of your day, or you can steer it in a different direction.

“I AM ready to make this day the best I can make it. Today, I am thankful.”

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