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What Mom Never Told You About Dealing With Procrastination


Procrastination is often times fueled by our own feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and uncertainty.

Even if we have been looking forward to a trip, or a special project for work or fun, it can be so difficult to actually start working on that project.

For a lot of people, dealing with procrastination can actually turn into a heartbreaking problem.

No matter what you are going through, it is highly important not to allow procrastination to weight you down with the unneeded stress and fear of failure that often comes with running out of time…


One of the absolute bests ways to combat this type of problem is to stay positive, to start early and to finish early. When you find out that you need to prepare for something, whether it is dinner, a party, a vacation a school project or a project for work, you need to get started right away.

Even if you are only thinking of ways that you will begin, or what you will do first, you are getting to a great start. Rather than, waiting, worrying and doing nothing you can be proactive and move forward with your life.

For many people the idea of waiting is really nerve-racking, if you have ever had to sit in a waiting room or a long line for very long the worst type of feeling start to bubble up inside of you. It is the same way when you procrastinate, so stop these feelings in their tracks by just starting right away.

Even if you just pick up a notebook and write down a list to prioritize the things that you must do. You stay positive, cross one thing off your list and go to the next one. When you start early, then you don’t have to worry anymore. This is the best way to stop procrastination.

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