8 Ways to Balance Emotions During Uncertain Times

When you’re going through uncertain times, it’s easy to let your emotions take over. Uncertainty can lead to intense emotions that can be difficult to control. However, with the right coping skills and support, it’s possible to balance out our emotions during uncertain times.

Here, we’ll look at 8 ways you can balance your emotions during uncertain times.

1. Ensure you stick to a routine

Routines can prove invaluable during and after times of crisis. They provide some level of control during uncertainty.
It’s important to note here that it’s OK if your routine is slightly different to usual. It’s important to adapt to situations and alter your routine if needed. However, there are things you can do to keep some form of structure to your day in changing times.

Make sure you’re getting to sleep at the same time and eating healthy meals. Schedule time for exercise each day and also incorporate calming activities too. Sticking to a routine can prove surprisingly effective at maintaining good emotional balance in uncertain times.

2. Pay attention to social connections

Start paying attention to your social connections. During times of uncertainty it’s easy to isolate yourself more than usual. However, if you pull away from friends and family, it can be detrimental to your mental health.

Try and maintain your social connections during this time. You need your friends and family now more than ever.

3. Continue to take care of yourself

Taking good care of yourself can also counteract those negative emotions. So, making sure you get enough exercise, eat a balanced diet and do things you enjoy are important during uncertain times.

4. Get creative

Many people find getting creative can help them to express their emotions. It can also prove a great distraction from negative thinking. There is nothing greater than losing yourself in a creative hobby. So, think about starting drawing or painting, putting together a scrapbook or even starting a jewelry making hobby. Getting creative can really help to balance out your emotions in tough times.

5. Learn something new

Another great tip is to learn something new. It’s easy to focus solely on the negative situation. However, by taking up a new hobby it enables you to focus on something else.

There are so many new things you could learn. Perhaps you’ve wanted to learn a musical instrument? Or maybe you’re keen to learn a new language? Whatever it is you want to learn, you’ll find plenty of online courses and videos on sites such as YouTube you can follow.

6. Focus on the things you can control

If you only focus on the things you can’t control, it’s going to cause you to feel helpless, depressed and anxious. However, if you switch that focus to the things you can control, it’s going to make you feel more empowered.

So, write down what you can change about the situation right now. Even if it’s simply the way you respond to the situation, there is always something you can control.

7. Limit the amount of news you watch

During a crisis, it’s common to want to stay up to date by watching the news. However, if the news is mostly negative, it can have a significant impact on your well-being. So, limit the news you watch each day and see just how much calmer you feel.

8. Don’t be afraid to seek help

Finally, if nothing appears to be working, don’t be afraid to seek help. Sometimes, we need expert help to switch our thinking and overcome the negative emotions which come from a crisis. There is no shame in seeking help and it could set you on a healthier path, helping you to better deal with future crisis.

These are just 8 things you can do to become emotionally balanced during uncertain times. By focusing on the things you can control and taking care of yourself, you’ll be in a much better position mentally.