60 Second Trick To Help You Relax And Sleep

With regular practice, I found out these types of techniques to actually help out relax and even sleep. The original video on YouTube has many negative comments, but chances are most if not all of those people either didn’t try it at all or didn’t keep the practice going more than once.

Within about 3 days I felt more relaxed when I was feeling a bit stressed or had one of those days when you keep thinking a lot about many different things.

I would recommend you give this a try, just remember to practice it for at least 3 days at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and before bedtime.

Let me know how it worked for you.

00:00:10:this comes from yoga and yoga breathing|you’re asked to keep your tongue in the
00:00:22:yoga position which is touching the tip|of your tongue to the ridge of tissue
00:00:26:just behind your upper front teeth
00:00:28:I grad you just touch it lightly and|keep it there
00:00:32:you can do this exercise in any position|standing long sitting but if you’re
00:00:38:it’s good to keep your back straight and|your feet on the floor ok so in this
00:00:42:exercise you’re going to breathe in|through your nose quietly and you’re
00:00:47:going to blow air out forcefully through|your mouth like making a sound and
00:00:53:pushing your lips out i’m going to|describe this to you and then i’m going
00:00:58:to demonstrate it for you and then we’ll|do it together so it the exercise begins
00:01:03:by letting all the air out through your|mouth
00:01:06:you close your mouth breathe in through|your nose quietly to account for hold
00:01:10:your breath for a count of seven and|then blow air out through your mouth to
00:01:14:account of eight and then you’ll do that|for a total of four breath cycles and
00:01:18:that’s it it takes all of about 30|seconds
00:01:21:there’s no excuse for not doing it and|this is a practice it’s not a one-time
00:01:26:thing this is something I’m gonna tell|you how to do it but it’s something you
00:01:30:want to practice

Also, try this other perhaps even simpler technique that only requires some simple stretches before you go to sleep: