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Live Life Focusing on the Positive

The mind is a great tool most of us take for granted. Many things affect it for good or ill, but we can nourish it in a way that will yield good fruits.

Before we get to the video, it’s important to learn how to develop a more positive mindset. One thing is to get a dose of motivation in the moment. But another is to take action in implementing a way that will not only help develop that mindset but will make it more consistent throughout our lives.

How to have a more positive mind?

The mind has a powerful force that not everyone pays attention to. Therefore, it is imperative to be careful with our thoughts. If we have negative thoughts, we attract negative things, and if we have positive thoughts, we attract positive things. That’s the gist of it.

Have you noticed that when you smile at someone, that person smiles back at you? Well, so does the mind. That is why it is important to think positively if we want to create and have a better life, a life with less stress, and better relationships with those around us.

If you don’t know how to be more positive and overall how to adapt a way of more positive living, take note of these tips.

Focus on the present

We are experts in paying way more attention to the future, which can often generate stress and anxiety. Why not worry about what is happening in the now, and you will see how your fears and frustrations will become less significant.

Or the times when we are having fun in a family reunion or with our friends and, all of a sudden comes to mind that the next day we have to work, we begin to feel anxious and even look for our belongings to get ready to leave.

But why do we do it? What’s wrong with going to bed a little late once in a while for being happy? Time is unrecoverable, so enjoy the moment!

Express yourself in a positive way

Have you encountered people who just complain, and who live in a negative atmosphere? They themselves create that negative environment, and do not realize that they are solely responsible!

Instead of complaining, try to identify the things that are good for you and talk about them; You don’t necessarily have to talk to someone, you can talk to yourself. Say things out loud like: “I am healthy, I have friends, I have a family that loves me, even if I have problems, I can change my reality” Our thoughts translate into words which can then be translated into actions. You create a higher amount of energy to make it happen.

Keep in mind that there is no perfect world.

Having positive thoughts is not synonymous with living in a world of fantasies, and a positive person is very clear about this. The secret is to be able to see the good within the bad and to accept that we cannot have everything we want, but that sooner or later, with determination and work, we can achieve great things.

The fact that we understand that situations have only two outcomes (can go well, or wrong) helps us to have a more objective attitude towards life. It is also important to understand that everything, absolutely everything, is temporary.

Get together with people who give you good vibes.

If you really want to have a positive mind, make sure that the people around you are in the same harmony. Look for people who smile, who feel passion for what they do, and who do not live in a constant complaint. You will see how good you will feel!

You cannot be in a state where you are implementing positive living but are hanging out with the complainers and pessimists. Sometimes you have to detach and distance from them.

Helping others

Empathy and compassion are feelings that make anyone feel more alive and gives everyone a higher sense of purpose. Helping the less fortunate generates a series of positive thoughts and feelings, since seeing another person happy is quite contagious.

Being able to face other problems allows you to see your problems differently and feel that you are able to have a positive impact whenever you want. Invest some time and effort into some good causes!

I am thankful for what I have

Most people put a lot of energy into what they don’t have, can’t have and can’t do. What if instead, we are grateful for all we have and what we can do? Find yourself a notebook and write good things about your life; You will be surprised to see that there are more abundant and positive things than you thought.

Make the most of your life and give it the meaning it deserves

Excerpt from the video:

I wish I did not take life so seriously. I wish I had lived longer. I wish I had given more happiness to my family. I wish I knew how precious life was, how special, and at the same time, fragile and insignificant. I wish I had not given up on my dream so easily.

One day life will flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching. When we look back on our life in our last breaths, we will all wonder, did my life mean anything? Was I loved? Did I have an impact on someone else’s life? Did I matter?

We will not worry about our bills, we will not be worried about our hair and certainly not worry about our favorite TV show. We won’t spare a second thought about others’ opinions and judgments.

Did I matter?

Before you reach that last breath, today might be the time to make a change.

Make your life matter. One day it will be over, there won’t be two days inside of a dash, make sure that dash is not empty. Make sure it is full of life, full of living. Oscar Wilde once said: “To live is the rarest thing in the world, most people exist, that is all,” and he was right.

Don’t live like everyone else, existing. Be extraordinary, live every moment with passion and wonder. Don’t take anything or anyone for granted. What is important to you? What dreams did you have? Go get them! What are you waiting for? We only have one shot. If you missed the target, at least you would live with pride, knowing you had no regrets? Whom did you love? Who has loved you? Tell them, tell them now.

You never know when it will be your last chance. Don’t take this magical thing called life for granted. Keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs. Trust yourself when everyone else is doubting you. Master your dreams when all others give up on theirs. Be the captain when everyone else is content being the crew.

Be the lion when all others are pray and sheep. Be the leader when all others are following. Live each day as if it may be your last on earth.

This is one of the best videos I often listen to, so it reminds me about getting up in difficult moments. Listen carefully and let the words sink into your mind and heart for many could touch a chord deep inside you. 

If all you have is 30 seconds to listening to something inspiring. This is what I would listen to:

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