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5 Things To Remember When Using Social Media

Relationships on Social Media

Social media have a major influence in everyone’s life. You may even find yourself sharing everything that is going on with your offline life on these social media platforms.

However, you should also keep in mind that all things must be done in moderation.

If you update your friends with your daily activities including the clothes you wear, the food you eat and whatnot, you may need to do a reality check.

Even when you living in a modern world, where everything can be accessed and shared at your fingertips, social media should not be substituted for real-life interaction because unlike  your personal journal, social media sites cannot guarantee privacy.

Even when social media serve as an avenue for expressions, you should not forget to have some etiquette. Before you share your feelings, discontentment, turmoil, triumph and other things you deem worth sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, make sure you don’t commit these social media mistakes:

1. Posting negative comments about your friends, family or employer.

You may think that the safest way to rant about someone you had a disagreement with is by sharing them on the social media sites, but the truth is, you are only making the situation worse as it does not resolve the issue. Keep in mind that negative feelings are only temporary but if you post them on social media, it will stay there forever. Soon enough, the person you are referring to will hear about your rants.

2. Wrong choice of words.

Words are very powerful and they represent your emotion. If your post has the tendency to be misinterpreted, rephrase it so it will be more understandable before you publish them.

3. Relying on social media to connect with friends.

Although social media may give you the convenience to catch up with your friends, nothing beats connecting with them in person. Not only will the person appreciate your effort but they will also like the fact that you took the time to find out how they are doing.

4.  Sharing  too many negative updates.

While it is a good thing to be true and authentic even on social media, there is still a limit of what you should post on this platform. Minimize rants and arguments and try to stay positive.

5. Making fun of someone’s religious and political views.

You may disagree with your friend’s post about religion but to each his own. It all boils down to respect. Not everyone in your friend’s list share the same opinion so instead of making some offensive comments, it is better to keep opinions to yourself.