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What Happens When You Rethink The Lessons Of Your Past

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It’s easy to think about the things you shall be doing next month. Those are your plans, and they are much influenced by what you are currently experiencing.

So in general, the life you live today feels like it will just be the same come next month. You will still have the same home, the same job, friends, and so forth.

Thank the lessons of your past for they will help you shape your future.

However, when it comes to thinking about your distant future, it seems murkier.

It is not easy to picture what you shall be doing, where you will be living, or who you shall be spending time with.

Because of this, we tend to believe that the future is somehow influenced by our past.

The Lessons of your past and how they shape your future

In reference to a 2011 study named ‘Memory and Cognitive’ by Kathleen, Karl Szpunar, and McDermott, this team pointed out the fact that one’s ability to influence the future is dependent on their past.

To be precious, there’s a tendency of one using their present experience to influence what their future will look like.

And today, the kind of life you live is influenced by the choices you made, both in the past and present. But the good thing is that each day brings new opportunities to make changes where necessary.

However, we have to do it in a way that utilizes past experiences without really forgetting the lessons we learned.

Yes, this is a new day with new things to embrace. But as you go through that transformation, your past helps in shaping you through that transformation.

Without past experiences, there’s no platform to effect this transformation.

Your Past Lessons in Action

These lessons will help you define your strengths, your weaknesses, environments that are harsh to your progress, habits that invigorate you, pursuits that distract you, addictions that control you, as well as affections responsible for bringing joy to you. After all, we all learn by experience.

Let’s take an example of a small child. During their early stages of learning how to walk, they move one leg after the other.

A few attempts will prove unsuccessful. But soon afterward, they learn that one can move on two legs without losing balance or falling. This will be the motivation factor that will drive them to learn how to run.

Similarly, your past gives you the courage to explore the future. Without a solid foundation built by your past, there’s no platform upon which the future can take off.

The person you are today is as a result of your past experience, so don’t forget the lessons you learned.

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