5 Qualities That Make A Good Husband

qualities of a great husband

For marriage to work, it is necessary for two people to do their part. Being married entails both great experiences and challenges.

Love does not give two married couples an immunity to trials and problems. Both partners must work hard to maintain the relationship.

You may have trouble making marriage work if you do not communicate with each other.

If you just assume without letting your partner explain what the real issue is, you breed hate and just let love slip away.

There is no secret formula to making marriage work. You just need to make sure that the line of communication is open.

There is no such thing as perfect marriage because each person has flaws and imperfections.

However, if both partners complement each other and work as a team, marriage becomes more meaningful. It takes a good husband to make relationships work, and these are some of what would be good qualities…

1. He communicates with you.

He never takes the importance of communication lightly. He talks to you, listens to what you have to say and really tries to understand where you are coming from. He knows when to talk and when to not. He can talk to you about anything and everything from his favorite sports shows to your favorite reality tv.

2. He loves to spend time with you.

He loves being around you. It doesn’t matter what you do together, as long as he gets to spend the time with you. He just genuinely enjoys having you as a company. You can be staying home watching a silly romantic movie with chips and peanuts together or going to a restaurant you both love for a good dining experience together, as long as he is doing it with you, he would be happy.

3. He is supportive.

He stands by you through all your ups and downs. He’s always there to back you up no matter the situations. He supports you in every pursue you attempt, and believes in your abilities more than anyone ever did. There will be times when you doubted yourself, but he always ensures you with his love and support to build you back up, for you to keep moving forward.

4. He is loyal.

Let’s be real. Every man has the right to appreciate beautiful things, and beautiful people. We love looking at good looking men too, don’t we? However, a great husband is one who knows that no matter how many good looking women they enjoy looking at, there is only one woman who owns their heart. The woman he owns will always be the most beautiful to him, inside and out, in his heart.

5. He doesn’t see you any less than himself.

He acknowledges your strengths and talents. He doesn’t think that he is better than you in everything. He believes that you possess great qualities that are unique to your own. He knows that you can achieve great things in life and makes sure you know that too. He is proud to call you his woman.