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4 Signs It’s Time To End Your Relationship

letting go of a relationship

3. Unacceptable behaviors

Behaviors that were concealed at the start of the relationship only to come out later to affect your relationship in a major way. Common examples include an unmentioned child, an inheritable disease, a prior marriage, large debts that must be paid out of mutual resources and criminal activities.

4. Different needs that you cannot compromise on

Different mutually important needs and desires that you cannot compromise or live without. Some examples include different sexual appetites, different dreams, values, beliefs, how to deal with former partners, how money should be allocated, how many children to have, or how much time away or distance can you torrent from each other.

Remember that this is perhaps one of the hardest things in your love life, but you also have to think that coming to a decision like this is perhaps the best thing for both. You are limiting yourself from other better experiences with a more compatible person, and you are also limiting your partner.

Love relationships can only go so long in the absence of happiness and mutual respect, they should not be about contempt but support, cooperation, and communication. When all this begins to fade, you owe it to yourself to allow yourself better opportunities ahead.