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4 Signs It’s Time To End Your Relationship

letting go of a relationship

Letting go of a relationship

You need to end the relationship when it is doing more harm than good. But how do you know when it is time? It is when you have done everything you can to make it work, you are not sure why things went wrong in the first place, and you are tired of trying.

For the most part, many partners want to please each other, overcome their barriers and deepen their connection. When you have tried everything and the relationship is still faltering, it should not be about blame, shame, fault or fear of trying again.

It is crucial to identify the signs and know how to let go of a relationship that is bad for you. Some real and justifiable signs and reasons to leave include:

1. Boredom and loneliness

When your partner is always absent in the relationship due to various reasons such as work obligations, family commitments, or selfish pursuits.

2. Small irritations

These irritations are the type that aggravate over time and you cannot ignore them anymore. They could be as trivial as leaving clothes on the floor to serious ones such as staying close to an ex lover.

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