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3 Essential Steps To Overcome Stressors


Among the steps specified on the article, I like number 2 best because I know that the way we think affects our performance and the quality of our work is usually sacrificed.

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1. Determination.

This is the act of fixing or settling a particular purpose, the settlement of a dispute as by authoritative decision. It takes courage to make a decision not to allow your fears and anxieties to control you or keep you in a state of emotional unrest.

2. Change your information and thinking.

Often times we get to our states of anxieties through repetitive negative information we feed ourselves or others have fed us.

3. Refuting Negative thoughts.

contrary to what you may think, you don’t have to accept all thoughts that come your way. Do a thought screening test before you allow it entry. Is it true, based on my moral code, encouraging and empowering, rightfully protective, helpful, fear inducing or discomforting? Refuse to accept the wrong thinking process and replace it with the right thoughts.

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