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3 Essential Steps To Overcome Stressors

feeling stressed


In our lives, where we often catch ourselves attending to various obligations, allowing stress work its way into our system is inevitable. In fact, we are not aware that stress is already taking its toll on our health.

When fulfilling our personal and professional obligations, our health has to take a backseat. We give little to no importance to it.

We have not realized that when we don’t pay much attention to our health, it can also create a negative impact on our daily task.

Overthinking might get us stuck, but over-worrying will paralyze us. When we stress about unknown consequences, too many options, limited time and money, our anxiety over the results (ironically) stops us from making progress. And we may not even realize we’re doing it. Here are some common ways we let dread block our paths.

I’m not ready. Similar to procrastination, you wait until you’re fully prepared to pull the trigger. Thing is, you never are. There’s always one more thing to fret over.

But what if? Your head swims with all the ways it can go horribly wrong, leaving you frozen with fear when it comes time to act.

It didn’t work before. Reliving negative experiences can make you want to turn back after every step forward to avoid failing again.

Controlling the uncontrollables. Sometimes you stop seeing the difference between what you can change and what you can’t. As a result, you waste energy worrying about circumstances outside of your purview.

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