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Why You Should Not Force Someone To Change For You

couple yelling at each other

couple yelling at each other

Love can make you do things you don’t normally do as it brings out the best in each other voluntarily. Unfortunately, when certain feelings are mistaken for love and you are trying to create an idea of a perfect partner, you force the person to change for you.

It may even lead to imposing emotional tortures just so your partner will give in to your demands. Your partner will start to feel as though he were a puppet on a string, nodding along with whatever he is told to do.

For your intimate relationship to prosper, you must learn to compromise. Even if your partner does not possess some qualities you are looking for, it should not be a reason for you to put pressure on the person.

An individual who truly loves you will have the willingness to improve without being pressured. If you try to change the person, the happiness you feel will only be short-lived.

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