What is Oil Pulling And What Does This Have To Do With Thinking Positive?

coconut oil for oil pulling

coconut oil for oil pulling

Anything that helps you have a healthier body helps you have a healthier mind period.

I just discovered this not too long ago and thought I should share with all my readers.

I have been doing this for a little while and after only one week was able to feel the BIG difference from the first day. I read an article about it and only wish I had found this sooner.

It seems to make a lot of sense as you do some of the research, for me it is the detoxification benefits that your body seems to get with it that got me hooked. I sleep like a rock and my mouth feels really clean and comfortable.

Keep in mind that I’m not making any bold claims, nor am I a doctor etc., but simply sharing my experience.

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If you haven’t heard about oil pulling, I encourage you to do your own research and not take my word for it but here is some information to get you started.

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