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Unusual Home Rituals That Increase Happiness

Happiness rituals

While most self-help tips about happiness involve developing positive habits, there are some strange rituals that can also help you promote happiness in your own home.

These home rituals are going to be beneficial to those who seem to find it difficult to obtain true happiness. However, you must keep in mind that change does not necessarily happen overnight.

If you want to invite positive energy at home, you just need to employ some unusual but effective techniques. Once you learn to practice these simple tricks, you will begin to realize that happiness and positive energy are slowly creeping in your home. In the article, it suggests diffusing essential oil because it can give you a sense of focus and relief.

A yoga studio often creates a calming ambiance and it is all because of essential oils. You can have different combinations of essential oils so your home will have the same welcoming effect.

Diffuse Essential Oils

Ever walked into a yoga studio and immediately felt a sense of relief and focus? That’s probably due in part to the essential oils that many studios use to create a calming ambiance. Just like at the local yogi hangout, diffusing essential oils at home can purify the air, cleanse the energy of a room, and directly affect the mood of anyone in the space. Relatively inexpensive, especially when diffused, and these natural, chemical-free fragrances can last a for months and leave a space feeling fresh and bright.

Use a diffuser at home and play around with different combinations of essential oils until you discover a recipe that you love; lavender is relaxing and great for clearing away negative energy; myrrh purifies the environment and energy; and eucalyptus can help cure winter blues and offer an emotional reset.

Feng Shui

The idea behind feng shui doesn’t have anything to do with mysticism, magic, or good juju—really, feng shui stems from how people interact with their environments, and the organization of a home, office, and personal space can deeply affect how one interacts with the world. Feng shui practitioners believe that the space one lives in mimics the energy of the individual–so if a space is disorganized, messy, cluttered, or closed off, the inhabitant’s personality could mirror just that.

For best results, start with a space that is cleared of junk and useless stuff. According to the tenets of feng shui, everything has energy, so surround yourself only with items that have positive associations, and organize furniture so that energy—and your guests—can flow freely through the home.

Source: yoganonymous.com

Photo credit: utnapistim via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

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