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Two Types of Consciousness

Two types of consciousness

two minds

I will describe two types of consciousness that will begin to help you understand or at least make you think or get inspired about higher understanding.

1. Polarity consciousness = Constantly judging every single thing as good or bad, positive or negative.

2. Centered consciousness = Being more at peace with the all, beginning to understand your connection to every organism, energy, and life as a whole.

You feel you have learned a lot out of negativity and now wish to live more consciously, and pursue “positivity”, the big difference from seeing everything as negative or positive is that, even though you have now decided to keep on a “more positive path” which may seem as still being part of polarity is that you are no longer as judgmental as you were in polarity consciousness, you don’t see everything as good or bad but simply as is, they both have purpose. One hurts, one creates joy, but there would be no joy without experiencing hurt and vice-versa.

Seeking light, wisdom, knowledge and understanding of self and all, but not judging between good or bad, all has purpose. You can choose which reality you want to be a part of more. You don’t ignore, you simply understand that others do not yet understand that they must understand to understand.

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