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Two Broken Elbows Can’t Keep This Pug’s Spirit Down

This hits close to home because pugs are one of the best dog breeds if you ask me. They are friendly, loyal, and super good with kids and the whole family. The story of Bella made me feel a knot in my throat because it reminded me of my own pets and how they could become disabled, needed much attention, care, and love just as any human being. 

When she first broke her elbow her family took her to the veterinarian who was able to fix it. He told the family to keep her confined, keeping the pressure/weight off that limb. For whatever the reason, they didn’t follow these instructions and she re-broke the elbow. At some point, Bella’s other elbow became broken and the veterinarian decided to keep her at the hospital to keep her confined so she could heal properly.

Upon further assessment, the veterinarians realized the elbows were irreparably damaged. The only solution was a double amputation. The rehabilitation, the care, the cost were all unknowns for this family.

They would not give their consent nor would they relinquish Bella to the hospital. For 9 long months, Bella resided at the hospital. It is unclear what her condition was like during those 9 months but the veterinarians themselves were at an impasse. Without the consent of the family, the veterinarians could not perform additional medical procedures.

Finally, a volunteer at Pug Nation took notice of Bella and inquired. The inquiry lead to the revelation of her story and immediate action. The veterinarians were able to convince the family to relinquish her to the hospital and then the hospital to the animal rescue.

Bella is now 6 years old. Pug Nation was able to find a loving foster/adopter for Bella almost immediately. Wendy considers Bella’s welfare her top priority.

Amazingly, after everything Bella has been through, she is incredibly sweet and has no idea that she is special needs: she barks at passing cars, begs for treats, asks for cuddles and loves going on walks – albeit she only walks with two legs instead of four.

She does not let two broken elbows set her back. She is fast – whether she is waddling like a seal or running on two legs.

Since filming this story in September, Bella has had her double amputation surgery and is now free from pain. She is doing well. She is still with Wendy who loves her unconditionally.

Stay tuned for a follow-up story of Bella in her new wheelchair.

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