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This Personal Relaxation Pod Could Help You Relieve Stress In Only 3 Minutes

personal relaxation pod

That’s why I sat up and paid attention when Andrea and Suzanne at Ipnotica first told me about their plans for the Personal Relaxation Pod.

They want to make peace a quick and easy choice for everyone, so they’ve just launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund production of the Personal Relaxation Pod. It’s a gorgeous new concept that gives you a simple way to choose peace over stress every single day. The Personal Relaxation Pod is a multi-sensory meditation experience. It’s been designed to give you a quiet space to experience inner serenity even when life is busy and stressful. Read all about the Indiegogo campaign here.

The thing that I find really exciting about the Personal Relaxation Pod is its potential to make meditation accessible to so many more people. We’re all connected, so each positive personal choice we make has a strong positive impact on the world. That’s not just a nice philosophical idea, it’s scientific fact.

A study in one of the most violent inner city areas in the UK discovered that when just over 1% of the local population meditated regularly crime rates went down by over 13%.

If 1% of the population meditating regularly has a positive impact on crime rates, imagine what could happen if 2% of us meditated for three minutes every day, or 5% or even 10%?

When enough of us choose peace over stress we will create a world where peace is the new normal. I’m committing to three minutes of meditation every single day because I believe that’s how we will change the world. Are you with me?

Check out the Indiegogo perks starting at $2, and even if you can’t contribute financially you can support the campaign by sharing this post.



Bio: Jackie Stewart is a flower essence practitioner, meditation guide and writer who helps people to live with more love, presence and purpose. She’s passionate about the power of cultivating inner peace to create outer peace, and is quietly convinced that we are the generation who will change the world for the better.

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