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This is Why Thinking Positive is so Important For You Today


Because emotions are being accepted more and more everyday as a normal way of life. They are being embraced. Look at War as the source of evolution. The war we fight today is a War of empathy. We feel empathy for people’s lives and want to help them. This is not about land or POWER, as war of the past.

The Source of our current evolution is the fast passed media influx that is surrounding us in all directions. Facebook, twitter, TV and Radio are providing the us with the source of emotions that drive us everyday. We see and hear death, greed and pain everyday. At the same time we see amazing things like the ALS challenge, or a 80 year old man that can kick his cane to the floor and dance like he is in his 20’s again.

The desire is what drives you to live and grow to become better.
To survive and thrive in the mist of what could kill us or make us give up the fight to move on. We don’t want to see anymore people being killed for religious demands on our future. Of faith is our own to thrive and build in the way any great GOD would push us to embrace the life he gave us.

The ability is the hard one as it always has been and why past evolution killed so many. If you are slow when you need to be fast then you will die. If you are short when you need to be tall then you will die. Many know the saying only the strong survive. Now Is that time, Today you need to be MENTALY strong in a world that is fighting to show you how bad it is. Today you need to reach for the faith of understanding that only a higher being can provide. You need to do it fast because media is not slowing down. Today you need to be taller in your reach for answers. Faster in your search for what makes you smile, and MENTALY strong to see the life you can change, not the ones you can’t.


by Wesley Griffith

Photo source: Elvire R.

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