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This Is How A Tortoise Helps A Friend In Need

tortoise helps a friend in need

tortoise helps a friend in need

For a long time many people have looked down on animals, thinking they are not smart and don’t have intelligence or feelings.

But is it that animals are evolving or could it be the age of this particular tortoise who may have grown “wise” and a more intelligent species? Could it be simple animal instinct? Or could it be that something is happening in the air where everyone in the planet including animals are ready to start steering away from old ways of cruelty, no harmony and cooperation and into a new paradigm?

In any case, I’m starting to see more animals that you wouldn’t expect to see together be next to each other and some who would be predators and prey even appear to hug.

Do animals have compassion?

This tortoise is sure a good friend. Whether it is doing it for compassion or not, you can clearly see that it intended and helped the other tortoise out.