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4 Things Someone With Anxiety Doesn’t Always Know How To Tell You

Part of our fears may be irrational, but it’s hard to let go of the part that isn’t

They know that their fears are irrational in part, but can’t always let go or simply just don’t know how to let go of the part they are unsure about or is actually rational.

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Sure, we know that the embarrassing thing we said wasn’t really all that embarrassing, and it probably didn’t influence anyone’s opinions of us whatsoever, and that the entire group we were with today probably isn’t talking about how terrible we are behind our backs.

We know how ridiculous that sounds, and it sounds even more ridiculous saying it out loud.

But that other part of us. . .that’s where anxiety lives.

That’s where it can stay, feeding on us, popping out its head occasionally to remind us that it’s still there.

That’s the part that always reminds us, “What if this time, my worries are correct?”

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