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The Rescued Lion That Feels Grass After 13 Years!

happy lion freedom

happy lion freedom

It’s good to see stories like these that remind us that everyone in this world is meant to be free and so is the case of animals who we share this world with.

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It’s quite hearth-warming to see animals have a taste of what it is to be outside a cage. Hopefully this lion is given permanent freedom some day.

Will the lion spent the last 13 years of his life in a Brazillian circus. Although wild animal circus bans do exist on a local level in Brazil, sadly many animals continue to be abused and exploited in these cruel attractions.

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Will was one of these animals and the impact of living in a cramped, fetid cage took a major toll on his well-being.

 Thankfully, after over a decade of suffering, Will was rescued by Rancho do Gnomos.

This amazing organization is a safe haven for domestic, wild and exotic animals who have been abused or neglected. Most of the animals in the sanctuary’s care come from captivity backgrounds, so the staff was more than prepared to help Will adjust to his new found freedom.

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