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The Most Inspiring Affirmations To Live By

the most encouraging positive and optimistic affirmations

the most encouraging positive and optimistic affirmations

The Optimist’s Creed was originally written by Christian D. Larson. This remains to date a truly inspirational list of statements and affirmations to remind us of the values to follow in order to remain with high optimism, integrity, and motivation throughout our lives.

When you repeatedly remember these affirmations, they slowly start adapting into your subconscious mind.

They contain a positive and harmonious energy that anyone can easily feel the effects of in the long term.

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We tend to be really good about attaching affirmations to ourselves. The caveat is that when we attach negative affirmations and statements, also described as in “negative self talk” we start to believe and adopt them as something natural within.

This is why instead of cultivating and growing negative affirmations, we should focus on cultivating and growing positive self-affirmations.

It is not about lying to yourself whether you believe these statements apply to you or not, but about placing these frequencies of thought within.


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