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The 2 Top Reasons Why People Change

2 ways people change


Other Signs it’s Time For Your Life to Change

Change in our life is not always due to relationships, sometimes it is the things we do that no longer have any meaningful experience nor bring us any joy or excitement. Here are some of those signs in general:

Everything is getting on your nerves.

Little things that used to roll off your back are now a major point of contention. You are irritated easily and often. You have little patience anymore and it always seems you are just angry or annoyed most of the day.

You know there is something better than this feeling.

When you recognize the feelings of gloom you have and know that it isn’t normal to feel like this all the time, you are ready to change. When you’ve just about had enough of angst, fear, frustration and anger then you know it’s time.

Changing our lives is never easy and no one can say it will be. Trust me when I tell you it is so worth it though. Wouldn’t you rather be happy and smiling and bringing more things in your life to be grateful for than always living in sadness and fear?

You’re starting to lie.

When people ask you if you are ok you always say yes. You lie about your health, your job, your emotional state. You just maintain that everything is fine, all the time. You are hiding behind your own lies.

You aren’t happy for your friend’s success.

Your friend just got a promotion and you would rather chew glass then congratulate them. The very thought of having to recognize their achievement and wish them good luck causes you a great deal of grief, anxiety, envy, anger and resentment. Somethings gotta give here.

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