Have You Got a Support System in Place?


I’d like to ask you a question. Do you have a well-off support system in place for those bad days when the anxiety overwhelms you or you begin to sink into depression? In times of high anxiety, having a few people who are there for you, who you can use as a soundboard, and on whose shoulders you can lean can be invaluable.

We’ve previously discussed how we can fall into a spiral of anxiety that is difficult to break free from. We are anxious and concerned, which makes us even more anxious and concerned about being anxious and concerned. You get the picture.

It can be difficult to get out of your own head long enough to reflect on the situation objectively and realize that things aren’t nearly as frightening as they appear if you rely solely on yourself in those situations. This is where your support network will come in handy.

Consider the people in your life to whom you are close. Who understands you? Who knows what you’re going through with your anxiety? Who is good at luring you out of a bad mood with a hug, dragging you out for coffee, or using humor to make you forget what you’re worried about, even if only for a few minutes?

While you may not feel like socializing if you’ve had a bad day or week, or if the thought of spending time with people makes you nervous (especially if you’re an introvert), social contact and connections are essential. We are, at our core, social beings. That is why it is critical to establish a support system and to reach out to it in times of need.

Of course, when it comes to this support system, you are not limited to your circle of family and friends. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable discussing your anxiety issues with them. Perhaps they are unwilling or unable to provide you with the encouragement and support you require. Or perhaps they simply aren’t providing enough assistance. That’s fine.

Finding a support group or even a fellow anxiety sufferer can be extremely beneficial. Check to see what’s available in your area.

A therapist can be an important part of your support system as well. If you are currently seeing a therapist or working with a life coach, ask them for assistance in expanding your support network. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to contact your system when you need it. They are here to assist you.

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