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Sometimes Being Alone Is Better Than Being With The Wrong People

The idea of being all alone can be terrifying, especially if you’ve been in a stable relationship for a long time. However, it isn’t that bad the way people make it to be. On the contrary, when you spend time with yourself, you discover new things about yourself that you never knew about.

Many people associate spending time by themselves with boredom, depression or anti-social personality. You’ve probably been called a loner and shunned by your friends at some point in your life for trying to avoid the wrong company. By wrong company here I mean people you don’t share the same principles or values with; people who influence your life negatively and make you very unhappy.

You deserve only the best, and therefore, every relationship you’re involved in, should make you happy and bring out the best in you. If it doesn’t, you’re probably wasting your precious time and energy with the wrong people.

Unfortunately, this is what most people do – they knowingly stay in unhealthy relationships and friendships because they can’t imagine being all alone, or they probably fear being looked down on by their loved ones.

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So, how do you know you’re keeping the wrong company in your life? Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Their negative attitude is rubbing off on you.
  • They discredit your abilities and dreams.
  • They only spend time with you when it is convenient for them.
  • They have lied to you several times.
  • They’re extremely jealous of what you have.
  • You feel unhappy, uncomfortable and trapped when you’re with them.
  • They’re trying to change who you are
  • They hold grudges against you.

If what you’ve just read describe some people in your life currently, it is time to show them the door. Why? Because the people you spend most of your time with can influence you life for the better or for the worse. So, you must be extremely careful with the kind of people you allow into your life.

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