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Signs Your Childhood Issues Are Affecting Your Relationships

signs your childhood issues are affecting you today

signs your childhood issues are affecting you today

Childhood issues can take their toll on all aspects of our lives as we journey through adulthood.

Even if we try to suppress them and convince ourselves that we are OK, these issues have a way of deterring us from living the kind of life we really want because something from the past is holding us back.

When you have not resolved your childhood issues, it will continue to haunt you even if you try to put up a front. The past revisits you and continues to stop you from moving forward.

Warning signs your childhood issues are affecting your relationships:

1. You’re the only one who has problems with your co-workers or boss

If you are in a work situation and it feels like you are the only one who cannot get along with a certain person or personality in your office, it might be time to think about talking with someone outside of your work to gauge if your feelings are legitimate or whether your reaction could be related to your past.

2. Dating seems to go nowhere — or you end up with the same type of person

If you are notorious for only making through the first three dates with someone, then never get any further, your childhood issues might be a problem. Or if you are always ending up with the same type of person, you may be trying to work out something from your past.

3. You have friends, but you aren’t close with them

Sometimes when we come from an abusive or dysfunctional home, we have issues in friendships as well as more intimate relationships. If you have trouble making and maintaining friends, it may signal a deeper issue.

How can you begin to deal with some of these childhood issues? Here are some tips that may help.

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